Favorite Writing Tools


I used to be one of those people who scorned fancy notebooks. I've been using the leftover pages from college notebooks and legal pads for years.

Then I bought a Moleskine planner, which led to buying a Moleskine journal. And I was a convert.

They're more portable, for one. The paper is nicer. The binding is sturdier (I hate smushed spiral binding). And they just make me feel like a grown-up.

(Also, if you're more of a visual thinker - you sketch, you doodle, you plot out mind maps - consider a sketchbook over a regular notebook. I love the one I have.)

Minimalism Art

This brand is one of my go-tos because:

  • So many colors

  • Size options

  • Most sizes and colors are available in lined, blank, grid, and dot

Check out the options here.


If you want cute and matchy-matchy, Poppin is where to go. I moved on from these because they don't offer blank pages (which is my preference) but I still really like them. (Poppin, I'll come back if you make the soft cover notebooks with blank pages.)

I do still use their Mini Soft Cover Notebooks. One lives in my purse at all times for jotting down ideas and notes.

They also have a selection of other stationery items like sticky notes, planners, memo pads, etc.

Click here for all the cuteness.

I've noticed in the past few months that I am gravitating more toward art than just color. So when I saw Paperblanks mentioned in a retailer's Instagram stories, I immediately clicked to check them out.

I love the two notebooks I've bought so far. The cover styles range from Gothic to bright and sweet. The paper quality is great for pencil and pen (I haven't tried fountain pen or markers because I rarely use those). They offer different sizes and lined or blank pages.

They do seem to have limited print runs as a lot of the styles I liked were out of stock in my preferred size and unlined pages. I'm just waiting for the next collection to drop so I can snag one or two more before they sell out again.

See beautiful things here.